Developing the West Village to become a vibrant new community in Calgary’s urban core will create a win-win-win for the City of Calgary, CSEC and all Calgarians. It is the perfect location to redevelop and for the right reasons.

The West Village Then

The West Village as it exists today is limited by its former industrial use and its current use for automobile retail and a bus terminal. Its former use was by the Canada Creosote Company, who operated a wood preserving facility there until the mid-1960s. Dealing with site contamination left behind by Canada Creosote over a wide area of the proposed development will be the primary step in revitalizing the West Village. Visit the Canada Creosote Testing page on the Alberta Governments Environment and Parks website.

The West Village Now

Today, the site is underused and occupied almost entirely by auto dealerships and the Greyhound bus terminal.

The West Village Future

The CalgaryNEXT development will be a catalyst for development of this site, revitalizing a neglected but vital part of the downtown core and connecting communities along the Bow River. It will stimulate local jobs, increase population density in the area and enable the completion of the downtown core.

It will promote the shared use of public and recreational facilities. It will ensure the riverbank is protected and enhanced.

Development will minimize the parking footprint, encourage universally accessible designs throughout the area, and pursue LEEDâ„¢ certification.

Bow River Regional Pathway

CalgaryNEXT's location near the Bow River will also be a catalyst that will draw residential and commercial development that will see a vibrant new community to live, work and play.

Why The West Village?

The West Village is currently underutilized and Calgary's largest prime land in location and size for revitalization. There are many reasons it is an optimal site.