Q: Why was the West Village chosen?

A: Early in the evaluation process, it was determined that the site for CalgaryNEXT would best serve Calgarians in a central downtown location. In downtown Calgary there are few available locations that are capable of housing the project.

For transportation purposes, proximity to downtown, and mass transit access, the West Village was best suited for a project of this scale.

Q: How will the development handle access and parking?

A: Ease of access to and from events held at the new event centre, fieldhouse and stadium is a very important consideration. Users of the facilities will come in various modes of transportation including vehicles. The ultimate number of parking spots will be dependant upon the City of Calgary building codes, the result of information obtained from the environmental remediation plan and the ultimate design of the new facilities. Statutory requirements for parking will be met and the location choice will minimize the need for excessive parking structures by providing alternative options.

A: In line with more modern urban design trends, pedestrian, public transit and ride sharing traffic will be encouraged through both the design and location of CalgaryNEXT.

Q: Will there still be parking passes available in the new facility?

A: Parking passes will still be available with the new project.

Q: How does the location for CalgaryNEXT compare to the Scotiabank Saddledome?

A: The West Village location has more and better points of access. It also has more options for development of future access and egress points. The physical footprint of the proposed West Village location is very difficult to find elsewhere in downtown Calgary, including the current location of the Scotiabank Saddledome.

Q: Will this development, and the eventual increase in traffic, devalue real estate in the area?

A: Based on the history of other cities’ developments of major sporting facilities within a live, work, and play community, these developments have proven to be a positive influence on neighboring communities’ real estate values.

Q: Who is going to pay for the project?

A: The funding model includes a public/private partnership reliant on significant owner equity in combination with appropriate public funding mechanisms. For more information, refer to the funding page of this site.

Q: How does the contribution from Calgary Sport and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) compare to similar projects in other markets?

A: CalgaryNEXT’s public/private partnership is consistent with others in Canada and the United States. In fact, there is a significantly greater owner equity contribution through the CSEC to this project than is normally associated with projects like this.

Q: Will this project raise property taxes?

A: No, CalgaryNEXT will not raise property taxes. Please refer to the funding page of the CalgaryNEXT website for a breakdown of the funding mechanisms in place.

Q: Who’s responsible for cleaning-up the contamination in the West Village site?

A: CalgaryNEXT will be a catalyst to find collaborative solutions from all levels of government. The contamination clean-up is a complex challenge. The hope is to engage all levels of government in a discussion to share the responsibility. It needs to take place with or without this project for the land to have more uses than it presently does.

Q: Will there be other commercial developments in the area?

A: Yes, CalgaryNEXT will stimulate the complete re-development and revitalization of the West Village.

Q: When is the project expected to be completed?

A: Planning, permitting and contamination remediation activities will all have to conclude before construction begins. It is anticipated that this will take 12-24 months. Once confirmed, construction of the Arena Events Centre and Multisport Fieldhouse Stadium will take approximately 36 month to complete. Contamination clean up may impact this schedule.

Q: Why can’t you renovate the Scotiabank Saddledome?

A: Renovating the Scotiabank Saddledome has been seriously considered. There is no economically feasible renovation program that would provide a new era facility to meet Calgary’s growing needs over the next several decades.

Q: What will happen to the Scotiabank Saddledome?

A: The future repurposing of the Scotiabank Saddledome is under review. The intent is to work with the city, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and other interested parties, to determine the best future use of the facility.

Q: Why not build CalgaryNEXT on the outskirts of the city?

A: Suburban locations have been reviewed and it was determined to be important that this development be a key component of Calgary’s downtown core so that it was accessible to all Calgarians. The need for easy public access to the facilities also played into the decision. Research shows that suburban developments of this type in other markets have proven to be less successful.

Q: What will happen to McMahon Stadium?

A: This has yet to be decided.

Q: Who currently owns the West Village land?

A: The City of Calgary is the current owner.

Q: Who would own the facility once completed?

A: The City of Calgary would be the owner of CalgaryNEXT facility.

Q: Who will be responsible for operations and maintenance?

A: The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) would take on this responsibility.

Q: What will happen to the current Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse proposal?

A: We propose to make the the Fieldhouse part of CalgaryNEXT. There are many benefits including operating efficiency, reduced construction cost and greater access. The Calgary Fieldhouse Project is currently unfunded but identified as Calgarians single largest unfunded priority.

Q: Will this help with the shortage of available ice for amateur hockey?

A: Yes. One element of the project is a practice facility. It will be in use during off peak hours of the day, and made available for public use at other times.

Q: How will the new facility affect the cost of Calgary Flames or Calgary Stampeders tickets?

A: One of the major objectives of the new building is to give a sound economic structure to professional and amateur sports in Calgary. To do this, ticket prices may increase, but ultimately the market dictates pricing.

Q: How will current season ticket holders be affected by the move? (Ex. seat location)

A: Season ticket holders, and all regular users of the facility, will have seat locations that are equivalent to, or better than, their existing location in the new facility.

Q: How will Calgarians benefit from this development?

A: There are a number of benefits to Calgarians. These include an initial $900 million in construction activity and associated economic and employment benefits. In the long term, the development of areas surrounding the initial project, as well as other economic drivers like increased tourism and commercial development of the area will provide decades of positive economic impact for the city.

Q: Is CalgaryNEXT the actual name of the project?

A: No, it is a working title for the project.

Q: How will this affect the Calgary Stampede?

A: The Calgary Stampede is a cherished event, and part of the fabric of Calgary. Our goal is to work closely with the Calgary Stampede to ensure the best possible outcome, and that they can capitalize on potential opportunities for growth and advancement created by the CalgaryNEXT project.

Q: Why should I care about a new sports facility?

A: Professional sports in North America are quickly becoming the most significant way to transform a city. The facilities that house them are widely recognized as being centrally important to a city, far beyond any benefit they may receive directly from the tenant. They are becoming the focus for economic revitalization in many urban areas and key city building initiatvies.

Q: Is it going to look like the current images on the website?

A: The images on this website are initial designs. In reality, a number of different designs for CalgaryNEXT have been, and continue to be considered. The primary focus in evaluating them will be internal function and comfort, but rest assured, CalgaryNEXT will make a significant architectural statement to Calgary’s skyline.

Q: Who will be the major tenants of the facility?

A: Calgary’s professional sports teams: The Calgary Flames (NHL), Calgary Hitmen (WHL), Calgary Roughnecks (NLL), and Calgary Stampeders (CFL) will call the facility home. Additionally, the facility will cater to the every Calgarian through the fieldhouse, cultural events, and community support events.

Q: How does the CalgaryNEXT project compare to Edmonton’s ICE District?

A: The primary difference is that the CalgaryNEXT project is an integrated facility that includes an arena event center, fieldhouse, and football stadium with commercial and residential development whereas Edmonton’s project is an event center only with commercial and residential development.

Q: Will the game experience change?

A: The focus of CalgaryNEXT is on enhancing the user experience at every level.

Q: Will tailgating still happen?

A: There is currently not a designated area for tailgating at this time in the CalgaryNEXT design plans.

Q: Will any existing residential properties have to be torn down to accommodate the new development?

A: CalgaryNEXT’s main facilities will not affect any existing residential property.

Q: How was this location affected by the 2013 Calgary flood? Have you considered flood concerns in selecting the site?

A: CalgaryNEXT’s location is not on the flood plain and that area did not experience any flooding in 2013. Here’s a link to a map that shows Calgary’s flood hazard areas http://maps.srd.alberta.ca/FloodHazard/viewer.ashx?viewer=Mapping

Q: How will the seating capacity at the new Fieldhouse Stadium compare to McMahon Stadium?

A: McMahon Stadium’s capacity is 36,000 people. CalgaryNEXT’s Fieldhouse Stadium will hold 30,000 spectators normally, and be expandable to 50,000 for special events.

Q: How will the seating capacity at the new Event Centre compare to the Scotiabank Saddledome?

A: The Scotiabank Saddledome’s capacity is 19,289. CalgaryNEXT will be in that same capacity range, which is considered optimal.

Q: Where can I view the recent CalgaryNEXT press conference with Ken King?

A: You can view the press conference on the following link: http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=683224

Q: Why do we have to have a roof?

A: Because the facility will be in use year round a roof for the Multisport Fieldhouse Stadium is required.

Q: What will the roof be made of?

A: We are exploring an option for a translucent roof for the Fieldhouse Stadium, but there is currently no specific solution in place for the facility roof.

Q: Will the arena have one bowl or two?

A: The final design of CalgaryNEXT has not been confirmed yet. That being said, our goal is to make sure user experience is enhanced for all attendees.