About CalgaryNEXT

CalgaryNEXT will be the globally recognized centrepiece of a revitalized West Village. It will enable the completion of our urban core and transform how Calgarians live, work and play.

CalgaryNEXT will create a thriving and active community we all can enjoy. For more than a decade Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) has had a vision for Calgary—a place where all Calgarians can unite in active living, sports and entertainment—a centre for the community and destination for world class events.

Let’s work together to make CalgaryNEXT a reality.


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Event Centre
Future Development
The Site


Housed within the Fieldhouse

Regulation size FIFA soccer pitch and indoor.

Regulation size CFL football field.

Modern technological features, wide concourses, ample washroom facilities and a variety of concession and seating options. Fixed roof with retractable lower bowl stands to allow for 400m track space.

  • The unique design of the Fieldhouse/Stadium will create a playing field that can be optimized and used for professional and international sporting events and also on a regular basis by Calgarians.


Track and Field

Regulation Size FIFA soccer pitch.

An indoor, regulation size CFL football field.

Basketball, volleyball and badminton courts.

  • 365-day facility.
  • Promotes a healthy & green Calgary.

The Calgary Sport Council determined that the city was deficient in gymnasia, indoor field spaces, indoor tracks, indoor ice skating arenas and multi-purpose rooms. A new Fieldhouse will be perfect to fulfill all those needs.

The Event Centre

The Event Centre

The best possible sightlines for any event.

Several options for restaurants and concessions, with ample, well-appointed restroom facilities.

Serve as home to the Flames, the Hitmen and the Roughnecks.

Offer space otherwise unavailable in the region to attract national and international concert tours, indoor rodeos, political, labour and business conventions.

  • More than just a place to watch sports events, the venue will be a civic gathering place, drawing the community together with first-class seating and viewing options, unique public spaces, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • The facility will provide an entertainment option otherwise unavailable in the region.
Future Development

Future Development

Pedestrian-oriented, mixed use residential community adjacent to a revitalized Bow River pathway and park system.

Develop the western portion of the West Village into a vibrant live, work and play community.

  • CalgaryNEXT will be the catalyst to realize the vision of the West Village ARP.
The Site

The Site

The Canada Creosote Company operated its wood-preserving facility from 1924 to the mid-1960s on the site.

Coal tar, creosote and other preservatives that were used to treat the lumber eventually contaminated the site.

Containment measures were undertaken in the 1990s, but the site is still one of Canada’s largest urban brownfield sites.

  • The plan will catalyze the redevelopment process and identify an approach to the contamination that will encourage new healthy development
  • The proposed plan will promote energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable design throughout the West Village site.

CalgaryNEXT Vehicle Circulation Map CalgaryNEXT Configuation
Arena Event Centre

The Need

The Opportunity

After years of research, financial modeling, and considering a number of potential locations, CSEC has identified an opportunity to build a world-class home for sports and entertainment. CalgaryNEXT will anchor the revitalization and development of the West Village. It will bring multiple facilities into one and be built on reclaimed land that will enable future residential and commercial development. CalgaryNEXT will enable the completion and revitalization of Calgary’s urban core.

With alignments to urban and cultural planning, CalgaryNEXT will address priorities within Mayor Nenshi’s economic strategy:

The new home of the Calgary Flames, Stampeders, Hitmen, and Roughnecks, CalgaryNEXT will also increase opportunities for the Calgary Stampede.

Consolidating arena sports, field sports and major events in a single location will optimize the physical footprint and reduce development costs.

CalgaryNEXT will be at the crossroads of major traffic arteries including Bow Trail/9th Ave and Crowchild Trail, which allow easier access and egress compared with traffic congestion near the Stampede grounds. It will also be easily accessed from Calgary’s extensive pathway system.

Benefits of CalgaryNEXT

A responsible development approach

  • Space and cost efficiency by housing everything in one place
  • Realization of Calgary’s single largest unfunded priority - a fieldhouse
  • Alignment with Calgary’s economic strategy
  • A focus on community and active living

A city that moves

The Fieldhouse will support healthy lifestyle, provide an affordable and convenient place to maintain fitness, training and enable sports excellence for Calgarians. CalgaryNEXT will become an important hub for activities and sports for the entire city.

A greener city

  • CalgaryNEXT will reclaim contaminated lands and return the land to a safe and livable state
  • CalgaryNEXT, will be designed to be energy efficient and sustainable, striving for LEED certification
  • CalgaryNEXT will blend with river frontage, pathways and natural spaces

Public Transit

CalgaryNEXT will be accessible by public transit enabling everyone to access it for sports, entertainment and other events. Plans include connecting the fieldhouse to the Bow River Pathway, allowing Calgarians to bike, run and walk to and from the facility.

Calgarians are passionate about amateur sports. Through sports activities, Calgarians have fun, learn and develop skills, are physically and mentally active and are involved in their community. Indeed, approximately 320,000 sports participants actively engage in 85 different sports activities that are administered by over 400 sport organizations in Calgary.

And, participation is growing.

Source: A 10 Year Strategic Plan for Sport Facility Development and Enhancement